Waiver & Refund Agreement


(Words enclosed in brackets are for a parent or guardian of registrants who are under age 18 and/or require such additional permission.)


I agree (give my permission for the registrant listed on this form) to participate with SkateABLE™ in weekly adaptive ice skating classes and/or SkateABLE™ events (“Activity”), and to cooperate fully with those in charge of each class or event that are part of the Activity.


I understand (on behalf of the registrant listed on this form) that ice skating involves some physical risk and I assume all risk for property damage, personal injury or death to the registrant as a result of or in connection with the Activity and my and the registrant’s use of property.


SkateABLE™, it’s directors, employees, agents and independent contracts shall not be liable for any injury to the registrant or damage to his/her personal property arising from, or in any way resulting from the registrant’s participation in SkateABLE™ programs UNLESS such injury, loss or damage is caused by the SOLE NEGLIGENCE of SkateABLE™ or its employees or agents while acting within the scope of their duties. Registrants must be covered by OHIP and/or private health insurance.


I agree (on behalf of the registrant listed on this form) to strictly adhere to the SkateABLE™ equipment policy. No registrant shall be allowed onto the ice surface without a CSA approved hockey style helmet, properly fitted ice skates, and the assistance of a program leader. Face guards are required on the helmet for registrants age six and under, and may be required for registrants age six and older at the discretion of the program leaders.


Refund Policy

A non-refundable membership fee of $35 applies to all program registrations. The refund schedule is as follows (no exceptions):

Cancel any time before programs begin – all funds, less the $35 admin fee, will be refunded within 7 business days of the request

Cancel after first class – all funds, less the $35 admin fee plus the ice fees** for that class, will be refunded within 7 business days of the request

No refunds will be issued after the second class of any program.

Events that require a registration fee are non-refundable, unless otherwise indicated.

Any payments returned NSF will be subject to a $50 charge.


There are no refunds or pro-rating of fees for missed classes or events due to inclement weather, facility closures, illness, or otherwise. Make-up classes will not be possible.


I agree (give my permission for the registrant listed on this form) to be photographed, videotaped, or interviewed by any television, radio, newspaper, magazine, private person or group, and that the gathered material may be transmitted by electronic media or otherwise used in SkateABLE™ published materials or in other ways for the enhancement of the SkateABLE™ program.

We ask that parents/guardians respect the privacy of others and only photograph their own child(ren).

I have read and agree to abide by the above statements.