History of Extreme Sports

Release adrenaline and experience that we are doing something unique and unconventional. That way, we can feel risk sports. And if not, ask André Jacques Garnerin for his feelings, who made the first successful parachute jump in history in 1797. Since then, this discipline has already been mastered and even turned into an adventure activity, being one of the most popular for those looking for strong emotions.

For those looking to live extreme experiences like parachute jumping and the like, in Showroom, we have selected a series of risk sports that can be performed on land, sea, and air.

  • Hot Air Baloon Flight
    Balloon trips allow you to see the landscape differently.
    Another way to enjoy the heights flying in a hot air balloon, a less risky experience, because it is less vertiginous, but that also allows us to see everything from the air and cross the skies — an adventure with which to visit places differently.
  • Bungee Jumping
    Bungee jumping makes us feel like we don’t stop falling.
    Jump from a bridge and notice that you do not stop falling until suddenly you bounce and begin to move with the pendulum effect. It lasts several seconds, but the feeling of risk you feel releases so much adrenaline that it becomes an unforgettable experience. The best way to start practicing, it is best to do it with specialized companies that prepare all the equipment to be safe and satisfactory.
  • Parkour
    Running through all the obstacles that stand in the way, the maximum of parkour.
    Run from one place to another, jumping and performing stunts to overcome obstacles and the environment as effectively as possible and using only the body. Parkour is a physical activity that is very spectacular to see and practice. For her, it is necessary to be fit and learn the technique, but anyone who practices it can carry it out in the way that is most comfortable for her. Not everyone has to make the most significant jumps or climb the highest walls if they can’t.

Parkour can be done alone or in groups, and there are associations in Spain for those who want to master it to the fullest and meet other fans. All that is needed is a comfortable shoe that allows us to run, jump, and cushion properly. For this, good running shoes are the solution.

  • Surfing
    Surfing requires technique and fitness. Mastering the sea and surfing the waves onboard is an experience like no other. Surfing is a sport that fascinates many, and in Spain, it has a lot of roots in different beaches of the country. In the north, it is pervasive, such as in Cantabria, where we can learn with the Cantabrian Surf School, renting equipment and hiring classes with them.
  • Skydiving
    Skydiving is one of the most rewarding risks in sports.
    Who does not want to feel the wind, the heights, and who is almost flying? With skydiving, we can enjoy the view of the landscape from the heights and descend at full speed while unloading adrenaline during this fall. To be able to practice it as a professional, you have to have a previous preparation with which to learn the technique. One way to start this learning can be by using wind tunnels, where we can feel that we are flying. In addition to being an enjoyable and exciting experience, it will help us to know how to place the body when we are falling.

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