In our unique body in a form we already commented on the importance of not forgetting to train the legs, skating is one of the best possible options and among its various modalities is skateboarding, which today we want to detail its benefits.
Practicing skateboarding is an exercise that engages, you can ask more than one who has lived a lifetime, as well as a more entertaining way of moving and motivating us not to fall into a sedentary lifestyle. Do you dare to meet him?

What Skateboarding Can Do for You

There are many ways to skate, but in all the body and mind work, making us feel more agile and improving our balance.
As I said before, this is a fun sport, so sometimes the effort involved is not perceived so much, but with an hour of a skateboard, you can burn between 500 – 600 calories or even more, so you have nothing to envy in that aspect to other aerobic exercises.

It is an economical sport performed outdoors, and at the time you choose. A minimum of physical conditions are enough (if you have been sitting on the couch for a long time, it is better that you spend a few weeks walking and jogging) and want to learn โ€” being constant sure that you surprise yourself with your progress.


With skateboarding, strength, coordination, endurance, and flexibility are improved, as well as cardiovascular capacity. On the other hand, in addition to physical benefits, it can positively influence our social relationships, since it is much more entertaining and educational if practiced in a group.

It indeed serves to lift your spirits, because who doesn’t feel proud after getting something that was difficult for him? Besides, if you use your skate as a means of transport, you will not only exercise daily, you will also save money.

Some Points to Consider

When you start from scratch, it is good that you have the help of more expert colleagues who can advise you and teach you tricks to start practicing. Although if you still do not have them, do not be discouraged.

In the network, you will find many specialized pages with guides to buy your skateboard and basic aspects to learn how to use it, not to mention the infinity of video tutorials available.
You will need protection such as a helmet, knee pads, wrist and ankle braces, gloves, large shoes with a resistant sole and slightly padded pants on the sides, buttocks, and coccyx.

All this to cushion falls or bumps and avoid bruises and scratches. Before jumping into the street, find out where you are allowed to skate and especially where it is prohibited. Fines are not a pleasant thing.

Do not forget that the main advantage of skateboarding is to enjoy while doing sports, so do not be overwhelmed with the search for results, follow your own pace and burn the asphalt!

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