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FIFA Remains The King Of Sports Video Games

For video game lovers, the month of September is always marked with red on the calendar. And it is that at this time the most important sports simulators go on the market, more specifically those of the king sport, football! And if there is a game that has marked a generation, that is FIFA. This legendary saga has captivated football fans and gamers for more than two decades and taking advantage of the launch of the new FIFA, let’s review its history.

FIFA Origins

Back in 1993 the video game developer Electronic Arts decided to incorporate its list of games one of football and launched it for Super Nintendo, Mega Drive and PC. It quickly became a revolutionary innovation in the market thanks to its isometric perspective and the animations achieved, which gave it a different point compared to what there was at that time.

Although his first installment did not have licenses (there were no real names), the truth is that this was not an impediment to its success. It was something different and fun and certain aspects that are already taken for granted today, such as the presence of an arbitrator, were a novelty at the time.

What Has Been The Best FIFA Game In History?

Fifa 98.Although the first installment was the base that began to change football games, the big blow came with the edition of ‘FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 ‘ . Taking advantage of the fact that a few months after its launch the World Cup was played in France, EA Sports hit the table.

He improved the graphic quality, the fluidity of movements and began to define details on the faces of the players. In addition, new dribbles were incorporated, as well as the offside rule and weather effects. All this could be enjoyed in a game mode that contained all the selections recognized by FIFA, allowing to play the qualifying phase and the qualifiers with any national team. Also 11 national leagues were incorporated, a game mode with futsal and up to a total of 16 real football stadiums. Therefore, FIFA of that year was ranked by many players as the best of all.

With The Arrival Of The New Millennium The News Increases

Year after year the video game was improving and incorporating new modifications. Thus, in 2001 he brought with him the official shields of the teams in the uniforms of the leagues that granted the license (today he has more than 25 Leagues, in addition to the national teams and clubs of the Rest of the World). But not only improved in the graphic aspects.

The gameplay, which underwent a great evolution (dribbling, tactics, goalkeeper mobility … etc) and the different game modes (Career Mode, Seasons or Story Mode with a single player) made FIFA a unique video game.

The PES, Your Main Opponent

But to grow you need an opponent, and FIFA has it. The ‘Pro Evolution Soccer’ , game developed by Konami, was always the main ‘enemy’ of FIFA despite not having so many licenses and rights. During the time of the Play Station 2 it managed to place itself even ahead in sales thanks to a more simulator and defined style, something that made EA react to recover the lost ground with the launch of the PS3.

Currently, the two companies continue to make great efforts to improve their product and dominate the market. A fight that only favors the ‘gamers’ who enjoy video games that every day are more like reality.

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