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highfive_small web_colHIGH FIVE® is Canada’s only quality assurance standard for children’s sport and recreation.

HIGH FIVE® ensures that coaches, leaders & instructors have the tools and knowledge to create positive experiences for children participating in sport, recreation and leisure programs.

HIGH FIVE® is aligned with Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) and is helping to promote Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) among sport and recreation providers.

HIGH FIVE® focuses on the emotional, social and cognitive development of children,
while CS4L focuses on physiological development.

HIGH FIVE®’s quality standard ensures your child’s experience with sport and recreation will be safe, unique and age appropriate. It also ensures your child will have a positive experience – and leave the program smiling!

Look for organizations who train their staff in HIGH FIVE®’s Principles of Healthy Child Development. That way, your child will experience:
1) A Caring Adult: an instructor or coach who shows
warmth and genuine interest in all the children.
2) Friends: opportunities to make and build friendships.
3) Play: just having fun!
4) Participation: fair opportunities for everyone.
5) Mastery: learning new skills and being successful.