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Ice skating is very popular Canadian tradition; So much so, that it’s almost a birth-right for Canadians; Unless you are a person living with a physical or developmental disability. Until now, these individuals had next to no hope of ever taking part in stand-up skating classes.

SkateABLE™ is changing that!

The SkateABLE™ program was developed so that children and adults with physical or developmental disabilities can take part in ice skating in a welcoming, caring, and stimulating environment.

As a HIGH FIVE® registered organization, SkateABLE™ offers the highest level of safety and quality in our program for recreation and sport in Ontario. SkateABLE™ has a number of policies and tracking procedures in place to ensure these standards are consistently surpassed.

SkateABLE™ is affiliated with ParaSport Ontario, and advocates for the recognition of  inclusive ice skating as a parasport in this province.